Notice: Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi now available at Hisar, Haryana from November 2019, please consult him on the given phone number.

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is familiar oncologist, and provides surgical treatment and chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is specialized cancer surgeon.

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is experienced cancer surgeon and providing his service from last 12 years. There are more than thousands of cases of sucessful operation that he did, and well known oncologist in North India & East India. Patients comes to him from different parts of India for surgery. Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi provides sucessful surgery and chemotherapy and regularly monitors the effects of the treatment.He has over 10 National Research papers to his credit.

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is now associated with Sarvodaya Multispeciality & Cancer Hospital, Hisar, Haryana.

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Chemotherapy For Cancer

There are more than 100 types of cancer found in human body, it could be in any parts. Most of the cases that found are oral cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer. We are expertise in cancer surgery, in which the cancer cells are removed from the body, and after surgery it is necessary to give chemotherapy to the other infected cells which cannot find out or removed from the body. Read More


Cancer screening detects cancer before it appears, we provides screening for the cause and detection of cancer. There are only 6 types of screenable cancer found in human body are breast, cervix, prostis, testis, mouth and colon cancer.


Cancer Surgery is done for removal of malignant tumor that is caused by the abnormal cell groth in the body parts. We provide treatment by surgery that is removal of cancer cells and chemotherapy that is giving medicines.


In todays lifestyle there are many reasons is known for the cause of cancer. We provide awareness and knowledge to people that they make themselves aware about this harmful desease and how they keep themselves protected.

We Do A Let To Aware All The People Of The World - About Cancer

Share your hands in social cancer awareness program - Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi.