Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is the most famous cancer surgeon (Oncologist) who made more than thousands of surgery of cancer patients.

Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi is associated with most of the surgical hospital where he treat cancer patients in Jharkhand, West Bengal and other cities of North India.


Cancer Screening

We provide cancer screening. Cancer screening helps the patients to detect cancer before it cause. If any have doubt and want screening test then they can contact us.

Cancer Surgery

Cancer can be treated by removing maligant tumour developed in the body parts by surgery. Dr. Ajay Vidyarthi provide surgery for cancer in various hospitals in India.

Chemotherapy for Cancer

Chemotherapy is the non-surgical method to kill the tumour inside the body. We provide chemotherapy to cancer patients. Usually is is given to all cancer patients after surgery.

Cancer Awareness Program

Knowledge about cancer its symptoms, its cause, its protection is very necessary for the todays young generation. Dr. Ajay vidyarthi conduct seminars for this in schools and colleges.